All of our tents are made in our Monett, MO facility from 14 oz. and 16 oz. vinyl material. All of our tents and sidewall are certified flame retardant in accordance with the State of California.

We offer many styles and sizes to choose from; ranging in size from 10’x10′ to 100’x200′. The styles of tents we offer include:

  • Pole tent
  • Ridge pole tent
  • Frame tent
  • High peak tent
  • Clear pole tent
  • Clear frame tent
  • Wedding White tent

Not sure what type of tent is right for you? Please view our Tent Galleries below to get a visual representation of the styles and sizes we offer.

Not sure on what size of tent is the best fit for you event? Please view our Tent Capacity sheet, found below, to see how many guests can comfortably fit according to the size of the tent.

Tent Capacity Suggestions

**Please note: When choosing a tent size for pole tents, we need 3 feet of clearance on all sides of the tent for staking purposes. For example if you want a 20×20 tent you would need and area of approximately 26×26 feet.**

While we will gladly come and set the tent for you, we understand that some customers prefer to do things on their own. For those DIYers we have written instructions that you can download and print on our Tutorials page.

For pricing information, download our Price Guides found below.

Please note:   Prices do not include a delivery or sidewall charge. For a more definitive and complete price please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.  All tents priced with the standard 7 ft sidepoles.

**Also note that there is a slight price difference for some out of state customers.**

**Prices are subject to change. **

Pole Pricing

Frame Tent Pricing

Clear Top Pricing


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