Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the rental?

Tent and rental rates are based on a one week rental while concessions are a four day rental.

When should I reserve?

You should reserve as early as possible. Rentals are reserved on a first come basis. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold reservations. Balance should be paid in full prior to delivery or pick up.

Am I able to make changes or cancellations?

You will have up to 15 days prior to your event to make any necessary changes or cancellations. Any job canceled less than 15 days prior forfeits ALL payments made on the order. Additions are allowed but they are subject to availability.

Can you setup and take down the tables and chairs?

Setup and take down services are available at an additional charge and must be arranged in advance.

What is my responsibility when I return my rentals?

Tables and chairs should be folded and stacked. If our crew is retrieving the items from your event location, all items should be returned to the point of delivery ready for pickup. There will be additional charges if our crew has to stack tables or chairs, or repackage linens when they arrive to pick up the items.

Do I need to clean linens before I return them?

Shake food from table cloths and napkins, we will wash them. Pack linens in the bags that were provided. Linens should be dry before bagging to prevent mildew and staining. Linens returned with mildew will be billed to the client.

Do I need to clean rented items before returning them?

With the exception of linens and food service equipment, all items should be returned in pre-rented condition.

Delivery and Pickup information:

  • Delivery is available and should be arranged at the time rentals are reserved. Delivery charges are based on the event location. Someone should be available to accept deliveries and sign release of materials. Please report shortages to the driver at the time of delivery.
  • Delivery and pickup charges are based on ground floor delivery. If rentals must be carried to other floors or to a specific area, additional charges may apply. Our personnel are trained to neatly stack all items in a convenient location.
  • We will provide special bags to keep your linens clean. Please use these bags to return the linens.
  • Deliveries are scheduled between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • In addition to the above hours, special delivery arrangements are available. Please call for a quote.
  • Rentals must be broken down, re-stacked and ready for pickup and in the same locations it was delivered. Please save and reuse all of the packing material you receive with your order to prevent breakage.
  • Customers are welcome to pickup and return their rentals during store hours. Call in advance and your rentals will be packed and ready for pickup.

Tips for your Rental:

If you are picking up your rentals:

  • Find out how much space you will need to transport the items.
  • If you are sending a friend to pick items up, make sure to pay your balance and sign a contract before they come.

How to avoid additional damage fee:

  • If you are using candles, make sure the linens are properly protected from wax to avoid replacement fees: use drip-less candles, burn candles in a glass candle holder; prevent children from playing with the soft wax; and let the soft wax cool for a moment before you take the holders off the tables at the end of the night.
  • Have the same person unpack and repack your rental items to ensure they are protected during transport.

Payment: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold a reservation. The remaining balance is due before pickup/delivery. Credit card payments are a 3% processing fee.

Damage or Missing Items: Renters are responsible for items from the time of pickup/delivery until these items are returned. All rental items (including tables and chairs) need to be protected from the weather. Renters are also responsible for losses caused by negligence and improper use. PLEASE NOTE: Candle wax will stain, melt or burn linens. If linens are returned with wax damage, full replacement charges will apply.

Delivery: While we will try to meet your needs, specific time requests are not guaranteed. Standard delivery service covers tailgate drop off and pickup only. If additional labor is required, please request this ahead of time. Items should be stacked and prepared for loading when drivers arrive for pickup. Unscheduled labor will be charged.